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12:35 pm - Fri, Apr 20, 2012
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Spa Francorchamps - Belgium

This is my all time favourite racetrack. One day I will go here.

Best photoset ever!

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12:32 pm - Tue, Apr 3, 2012
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Jo Siffert at the 1969 German Grand Prix


Jo Siffert at the 1969 German Grand Prix

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4:30 pm - Mon, Apr 2, 2012
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How do you wrap around the thought of an inevitable action? By understanding the responsibility that has been bestowed upon you.

-David Izrailov

Standing at the ledge of fate is what these men have to do at the very drop of water on their skin. I can only imagine the sudden emotional roller-coaster that one would feel instantly, looking around trying not to break concentration of your pre-race preparations. I know there have been times when even I have thought if there is a dark cloud following F1, to bring the dark entertainment. 

The truth is you do not know how the cars will cooperate in the rain, even with the wet-very wet sets of tires that a tea is given. The wet and very wet tires work as if water is added to flour and become extremely sticks which in natural conditions actually prolongs longevity of the tires over dry compound. Thus being the exact equation to the name of the sport “Formula” and it’s abundance to adapt and overcome.

Although, We have seen tragedies in all sorts of Motorsport in the past to present; from crank & pulley to circuit boards. It seems that no matter how much preparation and safety regulations there is always room for error in the vastness of speed, and we are only getting faster. 

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